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TRAINING #7: Signals

Well this one and one more and we're DONE. If you have completed all the Volleyball emails, I will send your information to Richard so can give you credit for a meeting. You guys have been so receptive to this situation we may do Volleyball 101 like this next year. It provides one on one interaction and we can see where we are getting off track.

We are meeting at Trinity Lutheran, 5005 I-40 Frontage Road on Sunday, Aug 2. 1-3 year officials will meet from 2:00-3:00. 4 year - up will meet with everyone starting at 3:00.   If you have your equipment bring at least a whistle, we can work on blowing that thing with authority.  The electronic whistle protocol is on member services. It looks like this one has been added for everyone to complete. It does have a completion certificate. I am assuming it is mandatory so go in and complete it.  Don't forget your local dues which are $30.00. Richard takes cash or check.

Whats my signal
Download DOCX • 13KB

For this lesson go to the mirror, look at yourself doing the signal, read about the signal, then copy and paste into this email and record the number of the signal, the page it is found on (use the case/manual) and if there is a  penalty or no penalty. Be concise. I gave you an example of how your responses should look.  Let me know if there is a conflict on Sunday. This is the big informational meeting. It gets us all on the same page and started off together.  Can hardly wait to see you guys.

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