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TRAINING #3: Line Judges

NOTE: Copy the questions in the file below and email them, with the correct answers,to Cathy Coleman HERE.

This is the 3rd of 8 training sessions for Volleyball 101. If you haven't already done 1 and 2 go ahead and complete them. You will get credit for a meeting if you answer all 8.  I assume all of you have books, but if you don't contact Richard Fitch at so you can make arrangements to get those.  You must have your TASO dues paid before you can get your books.  One thing I want to say to you is that the questions in this little email course are from the book.  This year is going to be different and you know how different if you have watched the clinic.  The "2020 considerations" do not apply to the test or the questions in these emails.  Thanks to those of you who are answering the emails.

Line Judges
Download DOCX • 17KB

Scenario: Line Judges

During play, a ball hits the antenna on the R2's side of the net. The line judge using his/her flag signals out.

  1. Correct procedure or  Incorrect procedure

  2. How long should you hold the signal with your flag?

Thanks so much for participating in Volleyball 101.

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