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TRAINING #5: Equipment

Today's discussion is about the equipment you will need in your bag.  I went online to the various vendors and did not see a volleyball starter set for this year.  In this lesson, I explain where equipment can be purchased. When you watch the online clinic, there are ads from and information about the vendors.

I carry a black TASO bag (but a black backpack works) to the matches. Some people use a plastic pencil box, some people use a bag the size of a men's shaving kit, some use a pencil bag to keep whistles, coins, chains, and other stuff from ending up at the bottom of the bag. It helps that this is black in case you forget it (not that I have ever done that!), the coach will recognize it as the official's. Put your NAME on your equipment, especially flags. This stuff is not cheap.  Do not purchase lineup cards unless you don't  have access to a computer printer. I print off my lineup cards on card stock.  I attached one of the choices below. There are several choices. If you like the wheel, use it.  Make sure that it is in your bag regardless of which one you use. You should have gotten red/yellow cards with your books.  Everyone, the shirts are thin.  It is probably necessary to wear a white undershirt or camisole. No one needs to read your favorite college showing through your shirt or see the sleeve hanging below your shirt. Washing them alone also prevents the shirt from turning grey. A watch with a second hand (or a cheap digital watch) is needed to time the timeout should the timer be distracted or away from the table. Watches that get notifications should have that turned off during a match.  That includes Apple Watches, Fitbits, Garmins or any other type of watch that is connected to your phone. Headphones, Air Pods, ear buds are inappropriate. Leave them in the car or at home. 

lineup cards
Download PDF • 19KB
What is in your bag
Download DOCX • 18KB

Your questions this time is to explain what equipment you still need to officiate volleyball. You can just list what you don't have.  For those of you who officiated last year, what piece of equipment would you like to purchase

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