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Scrimmages are August 6, 7.  New officials need to be at the Caprock High School Scrimmage no later than 4:30 Friday. Wear regular clothes like shorts and t-shirts and tennis shoes. Our first meeting is August 8. Trinity Lutheran is our meeting site. Go in on the East side off Olsen St. 

Also, the online clinic is open. You need to do the online clinic ASAP. Don’t put it off.


You will need:

• Black dress pants (you’re going to want pockets)

• A black belt if you have belt loops

• A black whistle with a black lanyard. (Maybe 2)

• A TASO volleyball shirt (You can order from

• A black bag to carry your things in.

• A pencil and a pen

• A flipping coin ($.50 piece or bigger)

• Line up cards We will talk a out that)

• Solid black tennis shoes

• Solid black socks

• (We have red and yellow cards)

• Watch with seconds

• A net chain

• Flags

• Ball gauge and pump


We will have rule and case books for you once you register.


Anything else, we’ll discuss on 8/8 at 2:00 at Trinity Lutheran Church. It’s at the corner of I-40 and Teckla on the overpass over I-40. We meet every other week after that on Sunday afternoon at 2:00 and 3:00. The 2:00 is for 0-3 year referees and the 3:00 is for everyone.

 Let me know if you have any other questions.


The test is available as well. Richard has the books and he will have them at the meeting.


Remember: to be eligible for play-offs

• Register

• 90 or better on your open book test

• Attend at least 5 meetings.*

• Pay local dues.

• Make a coach’s list.

Note: The regional clinic or state meeting counts as 1 meeting.

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