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TRAINING #1: Early Rules Questions

Hey GSVOA Officials,

Richard has your books so you can meet up with him to get them. Several of you who just joined us this year and for those of you who have been with our chapter before. Since we don't know what the year will hold with training, I decided to do some pre-training with the Volleyball 101 basic course for officiating.  The training should consist of 8 emails that have one page (okay maybe a little more on some) and a scenario that you read and answer the questions in the email and send your responses back to me. If you complete all 8 then you will receive credit for one meeting. To be a member in good standing you must attend 5 meetings.  TASO has released a test that you will take to ensure you know the rules of volleyball well enough to officiate.  It is "open" book and  I would look up every question so you can read the rules. Usually the question is stated in your rule book or case/manual book so it encourages you to go through the rules and learn how to apply the rules effectively.  I would highlight in my book the information used in the question for easy reference.  You can skip questions that you are not sure about. Text me if you need more explanation on how to answer the question. I want to help you be successful on the test. Don't struggle, TEXT.  If you have more questions, please feel free to contact me either by email or text. I do answer my phone but you might text so I will answer a strange number. 

The Ball
Download DOCX • 80KB

Today's training covers the ball. There is an accompanying word document for the ball.

Open it, read it and copy the questions with your answers into a new email and return it to me or you can send this email back. I would try to think through the answer before going to page 11 Case/Manual to see the correct procedure for handling this ball situation.  Page 11 Case/Manual: Rule 3.2.1  During the second set, the volleyball becomes lodged in the gymnasium ceiling rafters and cannot be returned to play.  The ball is red, white and blue.  The host school has an all-white volleyball and another red-white-blue volleyball.  The visiting coach would like to use a dimpled, non-paneled volleyball.  The R1 requires the red-white-blue volleyball to be used as that was the original color and model of the competition volleyball that has 12 or more basic rectangular-shaped panels.  It is suggested the host school have at least one extra game ball available for play at all times. 

  1. Is the R1 correct?

  2. Can a dimpled ball be used?

  3. Who has the responsibility to decide which ball is to be played?

This may be a strange season to begin officiating but we will be flexible and creative so the season will go well. 

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