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TRAINING #2: The Court

The Court
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The referees arrive on site and when checking the court, notice a large mascot marking covers the center of the court extending into the attack lines. The school has placed a shadowed bordered line as the attack lines. 

  1. What is the ruling? legal or illegal

  2. Which official makes the decision about the attack line?

  3. What is the correct procedure?

Team R passes the ball and on the second contact it becomes motionless on an overhead obstruction:

  • (A) over Team R's playing area

  • (B) over Team S's playing area

  • (C) over a playable area which is outside the  boundary lines on Team R's side of the net extended. 

It is always a good idea to have two game balls ready with pressure checked. Most coaches have two but if only one, then you wait until a new ball is retrieved and the pressure checked by the R2. OUT of Bound signal used:

  • If on the side of the player that sent the ball out of bounds, the touch signal is used. (Signal 9)

  • If the ball crosses into the opponent's playing area and is called out of the bounds, the out of bounds signal is used. (Signal 13)

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