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TRAINING #8: The Last One

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Hey guys it was so good to put a face with a name on Sunday. Thanks to all of you who made the effort to come to the first and maybe only face to face meeting. I hope you went away a little more confident about what to do when you arrive on the court or at least with a little more information.

Scrimmages: Everyone needs some whistle-time.  Email Royce if you did not sign up Sunday.  Be there 30 mins early to sign in and get instructions. Find the lead Official and sign in and sign out with them. I will have the sign in sheet at Highland Park 10:00 Saturday.

The scrimmages at Fritch and Wildorado went well.  I will have you assigned to courts tomorrow.  Remember that Royce sent us an email about how to get into Highland Park's gyms.  They are doing a ton of construction out there.  You need to take the 1912 exit and come up on the East side of Highland Park Schools.  The entrance to the school is right before you go up the hill on the left.

We may try to have another face to face and get some gym time in for the 2:00 next week.  If you need any help or have any questions let Sonny know by text or email. He will either get you the information or put you in touch with the person that can help. It is a good idea to attend one of the assigned matches next week to watch the officiating if you are not working.  If you will explain at the entrance you are working on becoming an official they may let you in free. It's worth a try. Go together and then ask the officials after it is over to talk to you about what you did not understand. Take notes. Take your books. Don't forget to take your test and do your online clinics. You CANNOT be assigned until those are done and the cut off date is Sept. 15 which seems a long time away but it will be here before you know it. Don't get caught without these being done. If you need direction on getting equipment or shirts etc., please let us know. If you need gym locations, has all the documents.


Who makes the call
Download DOCX • 15KB

Answer the items with R1 or R2.  If you just type R1 and list the numbers that are the R1's responsibility, then type R2 and list the numbers that apply to the R2, that will be sufficient.  Remember to copy and paste your answers into a new email. If you have not received these emails previously, please let me know.  These 8 emails count as a meeting and you must have 5 meetings to be a member in good standing.  You could already have 2 under your belt if you were there Sunday AND you’ve done these 8 trainings via email. We are so glad you are refereeing with us!

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