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2024-2025 RULE CHANGES

4-2-3a, 7-1-1 NOTE: Allows a player to change uniform numbers without penalty when a uniform is damaged in addition to when a unform has blood on it.

Rationale: Adds language to Rule 4: Uniforms regarding the proper procedure for a legal uniform number change and expands to include a damaged unform as a legal reason for changing a uniform number. Aligns language in Rules 4 and 7.

5-4-3c(1): Allows all players on the roster, not just starting players, to stand on their respective end lines prior to the first set.

Rationale: Encourages the inclusion of all players in the prematch announcements.

5-9-2b NOTE (NEW), State Association Adoption Chart: Requires line judges to switch sides of the court between sets when, by state association adoption, teams remain on the same benches throughout the match.

Rationale: Aligns with the original intent of the rule allowing line judges to alternate between each set to promote fair officiating.  

11-4-1b: Allows teams to substitute during an injury time-out for the libero replacement if the libero is injured or ill.

Rationale: Allows for the immediate substitution of the libero replacement who may be playing out of position due to the injury to the libero.


2024-25 Volleyball Major Editorial Changes

Suggested Prematch Protocol (NEW) - Provides guidance for establishing standardized prematch protocols as well as timed warm-ups.

2024-25 Volleyball Editorial Changes

4-1-7a,b; 5-4-3c(5); 9-5-1a(2); 9-5-1a(4); 9-5-1b(1); 9-5-1b(4); 9-5-6b; 12 NOTES 1


2024-25 Volleyball Points of Emphasis

  1. Ball Handling

  2. Scoring Best Practices

  3. Host Management Best Practices

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