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TASO Volleyball 2016-17 TEST

In order to officiate during this 2016-2017 volleyball season, all officials must take this TASO test and pass with no less than a 70% score. If you are considering officiating during end of year playoffs, you must take the test and pass with no less than a 90% score.

A message from TASO Volleyball Division:

The 2016 Volleyball test has now been released to the membership, as always it is available to 2016-17 Paid & Active Members. To access the test go to and click on Members Login, then enter your TASO ID number and password. The test link is on the Welcome page just below the calendar. Please read the instructions prior to taking the test, there are a some differences in the test process this year. To check if your score was posted, log into the Member’s Portal, and click on the “Sports Data” link at the top of the page. To review taken tests click the Review Test button. If you have any questions or problems email



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